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Welcome to the Polish National Catholic Church!
Call Us: (570) 346-9131

The Structure


The PNCC is democratic in nature and is comprised of 3 levels:

      • PARISH
  • General Synod
    • convened every 4 years
    • discusses church matters
    • interprets religious teachings
    • selects bishop candidates and establishes church policy, law, and discipline
  • Special Synod
    • called when necessary
  • Supreme Council
    • meets annually to review church work and to administer all business that concerns the whole church
  • Prime Bishop
    • chief executive of the church
    • consecrates bishops
    • convenes synods
    • presides at the Supreme Council
    • controls church publications and discipline in dioceses
  • Diocesan Synod
    • occurs within 2 years after the General Synod to enact laws pertinent to the diocese
  • Diocesan Council
    • administers business of the diocese
  • Bishops
    • appoint priests
    • preside at Diocesan councils
    • visit parishes
    • confer sacraments and administer Dioceses
  • Seniors
    • appointed by the bishop
    • oversee parish business as instructed by the bishop
  • Parish Meetings
    • held every year to elect committee members
    • call for actions necessary to parish welfare
    • review parish reports, etc.
    • special meetings may also be called as needed
  • Parish Committee
    • elected by parish
    • at least 9 members serve to assist the pastor
    • fulfill parish and synodial resolutions
    • keep records, etc.
  • The Pastor
    • appointed by the bishop to guide Church members in the Faith, organize the Church school and administer parish business.

Our Address

1006 Pittston Ave, Scranton, PA
Phone: (570) 346-9131
Website: http://www.pncc.org
Email: info@nullpncc.org
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