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XXV General Synod

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Date(s) - 1 Oct 2018 until 3 Oct 2018
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Our Lady of The Snows Shrine Hotel


XXV General Synod of the Polish National Catholic Church

Western Diocese – Belleville, IL

Synod Mandates for Delegates

Article VII.A General Synod. Sections 1 – 4 of the Constitution and Laws of the Polish National Catholic Church describes who can serve as delegates to the General Synod, how they are elected or appointed and how many delegates each parish can elect.  Once delegates are elected or appointed they must obtain a Mandate as described below:

  1. Members of the Supreme Council will receive their mandates from the Office of the Prime Bishop.
  2. Delegates from National Church Organizations (A.N.S. Society, Y.M.S. of R., N.U.C. and N.U.Y.A) and all Polish National Union of America delegates should request their mandates from the Office of the Prime Bishop together with the name of the delegate, the organization represented and the date of the election or appointment. These Mandates will need to be signed by the chairman and secretary of the organization as well as the chaplain.
  3. Clergy of the P.N.C.C. will receive their mandates directly from their Diocesan Bishop.
  4. Diocesan or Sub-Central Organizations should request their Mandates from their Diocesan Bishop together with the name of the delegate, the organization represented and the date of the election. These Mandates must be signed by the organization’s chairman and secretary as well as the chaplain.
  5. Parishes of the P.N.C.C. must request their Mandates for Parish Lay Delegates from their Diocesan Bishop. Parishes are reminded that Mandates will only be sent in accordance with the membership requirements of the Constitution and Laws of the P.N.C.C.  Each Diocesan Bishop has a list of the number of delegates from each parish according to the submittal of the membership requirements and only that number of Mandates will be given.  Any and all disputes concerning the number of members within a parish will need to be settled before mandates will be distributed.

If you have any questions regarding Mandates, please contact the Office of the Prime Bishop.

Synod Registration and Lodging

Letters regarding Registration for Delegates and Guests for the XXV General Synod have been sent to all parishes and organizations of the P.N.C.C.  Each delegate or guest is required to submit a registration form with payment to the Western Diocesan Chancery, 920 North Northwest Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60068-2358.  Information regarding your hotel requirements is also included as a part of the registration process, which also must be sent to the Western
Diocesan Chancery.  Please do not call the hotel directly.  Rooms will be given by the Western
Diocese in order to save the sales tax on the rooms for delegates and guests.
Click here for general information.
Click here for a Synod Registration Form.  Registration form must be received by the Western Diocese by August 31, 2018.
Click here for a Hotel Reservation Form.

Completed registration and reservation forms, along with payment, must be sent to the Western Diocese.

If you have any questions regarding Synod Registration (including hotel reservation information), please contact the Western Diocesan Chancery at 847-698-0578 or via email at westerndiocesepncc@gmail.com.

The 2018 General Synod has been planned for only three days.  These will be three full days of work.  This decision was made after extensive discussion with the Supreme Council and a report of a Supreme Council Subcommittee.  It was felt that this plan can certainly be accomplished, but it will require commitment and cooperation from everyone.  It is planned that all reports will be submitted and distributed to the delegates well in advance of the Synod and that there will only be time allowed on the Synod floor for questions and action on motions.

Some important things to remember about this upcoming Synod are that we are trying to build on what was accomplished at the General Synod four years ago.  At that Synod a general plan of action was laid out to select five areas of focus: 1) Growth and Membership, 2) Increase Spirituality, 3) Lifelong Learning, 4) Sacred Vocations and 5) Community Involvement and Presence.  In an effort to build upon this plan we will have a number of sessions during the General Synod in 2018 where we will: 1) evaluate the work of the past four years and make suggestions for improvement, 2) discuss successes and challenges in each of the 5 areas, 3) further develop the 5 areas and create further directions of implementation and lastly 4) make a more concrete plan for the years 2018-2022.

At each General Synod the membership of the National Commissions is set for the following four year period.  These names are submitted by the Prime Bishop with volunteers taken from the Synod delegates and then confirmed by the Synod body.  Although it is often only Synod delegates who become members of these Commissions, this is not required.  Anyone who is interested in working to help the Church on a Synodal Commission may submit their name.  Those submissions will be evaluated by the Prime Bishop and then presentation will be made to the General Synod.  The list of National Commissions is: 1) Constitution, 2) Mission and Evangelism, 3) Budget and Finance, 4) School of Christian Living, 5) Liturgy, 6) Church Doctrine, 7) Clergy Salary and Benefits, 8) History and Archives and 9) Sacred Vocations.  Please consider if your talents may help the Church in serving on one of these Commissions.  The April Edition of God’s Field (page 6) provides a more extensive description of the work of each Commission.


Click here for the Tentative Agenda.




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