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P.N.C.C. Clergy Appreciation Weekend

My dear brothers and sisters,

During our most recent Supreme Council Meeting which was held at Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral in Lancaster, NY on April 24-25, 2018, the Council members spent a significant amount of time discussing the present clergy of our Holy Church as well as the lack of vocations within the Church.

Among other items it was discussed that although the Parishes do treasure their own members of the clergy they may oftentimes take him for granted and not show him just how important he is within the life of the parish and the lives of the parishioners.

As a way to remedy this oversight, the Supreme Council voted to designate the first weekend in June, this year June 1-3, 2018, as P.N.C.C. Clergy Appreciation Weekend.  It is hoped that during this time, and also possibly throughout the month of June which is Sacred Vocations Month within the Church, the parishes, as well as individual parishioners, will take a bit of time and effort to show their clergy what an important role they play within the parish and within each parishioner’s life.

Here is a link to two flyers to place on the parish bulletin board or hang around the parish hall to remind everyone of this effort of the P.N.C.C.  Here is a link to a list of ideas for just how we can show appreciation to our clergy.  Many of the items can be done by individual members of the parish and others might be done by Committees, organizations or groups of individuals.

The most important thing is that we honor our clergy and show them just how important they are within the life of the Church and each of our lives as well.  Through this effort we can certainly bring joy to the bishops, priests and deacons of our Church and we might even encourage a young man to reflect on just how important this role is and consider a sacred vocation within the diaconate or priesthood.

During this weekend of June 1-3, 2018 let us all join together to pray for our clergy, pray for Sacred Vocations and also let our clergy know the impact that they have made in concrete ways.

With all good wishes and prayers as we celebrate the good work our clergy are accomplishing, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus, our Risen Lord,

Most Rev. Anthony Mikovsky

Prime Bishop – Polish National Catholic Church

2018 “Indepenence Day Celebration” at Spojnia Farm

Mass celebrated by Most Rev. Anthony Mikovsky, Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church

Picnic featuring Polish and American picnic foods follow immediately after Mass.

Countdown to Convo 2018

The Central Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church is proud to announce that Convo 2018 will be held on the campus of The University of Scranton in Scranton, PA, July 23 through July 27, 2018.

YES! It’s time to get ready for the next P.N.C.C. National Youth Convocation.  Clear your schedule, reserve the last week of July 2018, and get ready for the absolutely best week of the year.

We have a great committee of hard-working youth who are leading all planning efforts:

President, Maddie Hughes; Vice President, Jake Gerardi;  2nd Vice president for Finance, Elizabeth Pfohl; Secretary, Rebecca Kotula; Treasurer, Nicholas Pfohl; Board Members, Timmy Stankowski, Jacob Stankowski, Victoria Konicki, Halle Maciag, Michael Cyman, Alex Mludzik, Zuzanna Pociecha, and Matt Kotula. There are also many other UYA members who are participating in many capacities alongside their committee.

President Maddie Hughes is putting out an open invitation to any young person in the Central Diocese to feel welcome in joining in the preparations of this fantastic event: “For kids interested in attending, you won’t regret it if you do. I have gone to three Convos so far.  At each one, I have learned so much about our Church and have also made some of the best friends in the world. Now, I can say I have friends in all different states and not just from my own parish.  You may not know what it’s all about, it’s a little different each time, but don’t worry. COME ANYWAY! This is an opportunity for kids young and old… even adults are welcome.”

If you feel this is the year you want to be part of a P.N.C.C. National Youth Convocation, we would love your personal support as well as the support of your parishes and seniorates.  Reach out to us and ask how you can help; there will be many types of opportunities, for example; chaperoning or underwriting portions of entertainment and supplies.  Something big or something small, all are equally important and are needed.  You are needed.

Click here for the Registration Form. Registration Deadline: July 1, 2018

Click here for the Convo 2018 Schedule.

Up-to-date Convo 2018 information and news is posted on the following mediums:

Facebook: Convo2018

Website: convo2018.org

Fr. Jim Konicki email: frjim@convo2018.org

God bless our adult advisors, our Prime Bishop and Bishops, our Youth Chaplain, Fr. Jim Konicki, and all of you for helping to build our Church.

XXV General Synod

Call for the XXV General Synod

In accordance with Article VII.A Section 14 and Article VIII.A.(3) of the Constitution and Laws of the Polish National Catholic Church, I hereby issue the call for the XXV General Synod to be held within the Western Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church.  The dates and site of the XXV General Synod have been set by the Western Diocese as October 1-3, 2018 at Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, IL, nine miles from St. Louis, MO.

The Parishes and Societies of the Polish National Catholic Church, as well as the Polish National Union, are reminded to elect their delegates in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of the Polish National Catholic Church.  The Parishes are reminded that the number of delegates that will be seated at the Synod will be in accordance with the obligations that have been paid to the Church by the end of its fiscal year on February 28, 2018.  The address to request Mandates will be published in a future edition of God’s Field and sent to all parishes with other information.

For the election of delegates to the General Synod, I encourage each Parish of the P.N.C.C. and Society or Organization of the Church or the P.N.U. to examine Article VII.A of the Constitution.

According to Article VII.A of the Constitution the composition of the Synod consists of 1) the active Bishops, 2) the members of the Supreme Council, 3) the vice-rector of the Seminary, 4) the Pastor or Administrator of each Parish, 5) the lay delegates of the Parish, 6) a delegate to be elected from the central body and each Diocesan sub-central body, if any, from each of the following United Societies and Organizations: a) the United Women’s Societies for the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament; b) the United Young Men’s Societies of Resurrection; c) the National United Choirs of the Polish National Catholic Church; and (d) the National United Youth Association; 7) One delegate from the Board of Directors of the Polish National Union of America and one delegate from each Diocese of this Church located in the U.S.A. who shall be selected by the Board of Directors of the Polish National Union of America; 8) a delegate from the Education and Youth Commission; and 9) a delegate from Spojnia, Inc. Board of Directors.

The lay delegates from each Parish are to be elected according to Article VII.A, Section 2 of the Constitution.  It states that (1) Every lay delegate of a Parish shall be a member in good standing in his Parish and a member of this Church for not less than two (2) years as set forth in Article III and elected at an Annual Meeting or at a Parish Meeting duly called for this purpose.  (2) Each Parish shall have the right to elect at least one delegate and no Parish shall elect more than one delegate for every fifty (50) members, or a major fraction thereof, in good standing on its Parish roll.

Information regarding registration for the Synod and the making of room arrangements will be forwarded by the host diocese, the Western Diocese, to each of the Parishes and Societies of the Church in the future.  Please do not contact the National Church Center for information regarding room arrangements, as this office does not make arrangements for General Synods.

A full agenda of the Synod will also be published in future editions of God’s FieldClick here for the Tentative Agenda.

Some important things to remember about this upcoming Synod are that we are trying to build on what was accomplished at the General Synod four years ago.  At that Synod a general plan of action was laid out to select five areas of focus: 1) Growth and Membership, 2) Increase Spirituality, 3) Lifelong Learning, 4) Sacred Vocations and 5) Community Involvement and Presence.  In an effort to build upon this plan we will have a number of sessions during the General Synod in 2018 where we will: 1) evaluate the work of the past four years and make suggestions for improvement, 2) discuss successes and challenges in each of the 5 areas, 3) further develop the 5 areas and create further directions of implementation and lastly 4) make a more concrete plan for the years 2018-2022.

I also want to bring to the attention of all that the 2018 General Synod has been planned for only three days.  These will be three full days of work.  This decision was made after extensive discussion with the Supreme Council and a report of a Supreme Council Subcommittee.  It was felt that this plan can certainly be accomplished, but it will require commitment and cooperation from everyone.  It is planned that all reports will be submitted and distributed to the delegates well in advance of the Synod and that there will only be time allowed on the Synod floor for questions and action on motions.

At each General Synod the membership of the National Commissions is set for the following four year period.  These names are submitted by the Prime Bishop with volunteers taken from the Synod delegates and then confirmed by the Synod body.  Although it is often only Synod delegates who become members of these Commissions, this is not required.  Anyone who is interested in working to help the Church on a Synodal Commission may submit their name.  Those submissions will be evaluated by the Prime Bishop and then presentation will be made to the General Synod.  The list of National Commissions is: 1) Constitution, 2) Mission and Evangelism, 3) Budget and Finance, 4) School of Christian Living, 5) Liturgy, 6) Church Doctrine, 7) Clergy Salary and Benefits, 8) History and Archives and 9) Sacred Vocations.  Please consider if your talents may help the Church in serving on one of these Commissions.  The April Edition of God’s Field (page 6) provides a more extensive description of the work of each Commission.

As a conclusion I ask that we each join in prayer that the upcoming Synod will be a spiritual success for the Church and that through it, its work and its plan, the entire Polish National Catholic Church may continue to better serve our Lord Jesus Christ and build up His kingdom on earth.

Prayer for the Church – Almighty and eternal God, You have called us to serve You through the Polish
National Catholic Church.  Hear our prayer for the Prime Bishop, the bishops, priests, deacons, the lay leaders and faithful of our Holy Church.  May Your gifts and blessings strengthen our resolve to serve You and by our example bring others into the Mystical Body of Christ.  May all that we do be for the glory of Your Name and the salvation of Your people.  By our faithful witness and service may we eventually be received into Your eternal kingdom.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

Most Rev. Anthony A. Mikovsky

Prime Bishop, Polish National Catholic Church


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