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Discipleship and Vocation

During this entire year of 2019, the Polish National Catholic Church has been focused on the issues that surround Discipleship and how our religious life is to be one of following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in all that we do.  If this is the case

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A Time to Reflect on Mary

In this time when we are still in the extended joy of the Easter season, the Church also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary within the pages of Scripture and also how she relates to us, the followers of

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Jesus Lives, Alleluia!

During the Holy Mass of the joyous Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we read from the Book of Acts how the first disciples of our Lord testified to Him, His whole life and especially His Resurrection.  “Peter proceeded to speak and said: ‘You know what has

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Lenten Discipleship

We find ourselves now in the beginnings and middle portion of the Lenten season.  It is a time of year when we are challenged to increase our devotional and our spiritual life.  We are also reminded that the Lenten disciplines of increased prayer, fasting and giving as

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Following Jesus, Our Example

During this time of year, following the Solemnity of Epiphany, when the Church enters a period of Ordinary Time, a main focus is the calling of the first disciples and followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Within the Synopic Gospels, following the beginnings of our

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Discipleship 2019

Each year since the General Synod in 2014, the Polish National Catholic Church has focused its attention on a particular aspect of our Christian Catholic faith.  The theme of this year is our “Discipleship” as a point of focus for the next 12 months.  We begin this

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Christ Has Come

At the end of the preparation and joyful expectation that is the Advent season we know that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has come to His people.  We hear the words of Saint Luke’s Gospel as we gather for the first Mass of the Christmas season.

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Giving Thanks

During this month of November our thoughts and minds often turn to the topic of thanksgiving.  The holiday itself fills much of our thoughts at this time, but unfortunately within our wider culture, the true meaning of this holiday does seem to be slipping away from us.  I

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To Grow Our Christian Family — The XXV General Synod

As we find ourselves in the middle of the month of October we have just completed the celebration of the Solemnity of the Christian Family.  Within that celebration we read the Gospel from St. Luke when Jesus was a child of twelve at the temple.  When the

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A Christian Family, This Year and Always

During the National Clergy Conference, which was held at the end of 2017, the bishops, priests and deacons of the Polish National Catholic Church gathered together to share their thoughts and concerns about many of the issues which are confronting our Church and our society.  At the

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